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We made the decision to farm our land in a sustainable and healthy way so that the food we produce and long-term viability of the land was enhanced.


It takes a bit more care and a bit more time but we think it's worth it. 


Our free-range, pasture-fed, happy chickens and ducks supply fresh eggs that are available every day, all year round.  They consume our waste and pests, mow our grass, weed between the cherry trees, and fertilize our farm.  They are moved to fresh pasture every few days in their automated homes.

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The Mornington Peninsula is a wonderful haven of farm gates, food & eateries as well as providing an amazing range recreational activities

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this beautiful country where we leave our footprints every day of our lives, and with great respect to our forefathers and mothers, both past and present, of the land in which I work and live

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