We ARE open for the NEW cherry season 

Due to COVID, a Farm Visit ONLINE Booking system IS BEING INTRODUCED - Coming SHortly

During the fruit picking season which runs approximately from early November to Mid-January visitors can pick their own cherries.




During the fruit picking season which runs from early November to mid/end January visitors can pick their own cherries. We would like you to have the best cherry picking experience so depending on fruit availability, there will be days when the fruit is more available than others. This is linked to the number of visitors and the natural process of fruit ripening! 

Cherry Picking - Eat as much as you like in the orchard!  Adult (12 years +) $15, Children (between 5 and 12 years) $5, under 5 years free.

Alternatively, if you want to pick your cherries for recipes, gifts, or eating later then takeaway cherries are charged per kilogram upon leaving.

Sweet cherries $10 to $15 per kilo

Sour (Morello) cherries $12 per kilo


Bus tours welcome.  

Please call +61 3 5989 2578 to book if you are on a  bus tour.


  • Children under 18 years of age are to be accompanied by an adult.

  • Supervision of children is always required by adults.

  • Enter the farm at your own risk. Extreme caution is advised at all times.

  • Some farm areas may be slippery and uneven.

  • Visitors are advised to wear appropriate stout footwear.

  • You can only pick cherries on the farm (no other fruit or vegetables).

  • Rubbish must be taken home with you.

  • Ladders may be used at your own risk, please stay below the second top rung.

  • You must pay for the cherries you pick.


Picking information

We are a working farm.  It is important to wear appropriate footwear. On hot days bring a hat, sunscreen, and water. On cold and wet days, bring a rain jacket or an umbrella. 

Our cherry trees are maintained at a height that allows for easy access to the fruit, there are ladders to use for the higher fruit.

Buckets are provided for the cherries you pick which are then weighed and placed in a bag for you to take home.

Cherries do not ripen once they have been picked from the tree.  The stem should be left on the cherry when it is picked from the tree - this keeps the fruit fresh for longer.

To get a longer shelf life out of your cherries at home, ensure they are dry when placed in the fridge. Keep your cherries in an open container. This airflow helps keep your cherries fresh for longer. Remove any cherries with blemishes as they can spoil the other cherries.

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